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The Best Ping Pong Table top for 2022
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The table measurement of the best ping pong table varies

The tables used in table tennis tournaments are of one measurement only, and that remains uniform as it is a size that is approved by the International Table Tennis Federation. It is a bigger size than most “fun-sized” tables that are used for ping-pong and recreational purposes.

We take a look at all the different sizes in which you can buy a ping pong table and find the right size. The standard size is bigger, and if you want to buy that, you will need considerable space to place that table. Not to worry, we will tell you the exact ping pong table dimensions making your work a lot easier!
What is Regulation Size for the best Ping Pong table?

The official size of a ping pong table is 9 feet x 5 feet x 2.5 feet.

The International Table Tennis Federation is the global body that regulates the game of table tennis to avoid unfair advantages and ensure an even ground for fair competition, all across the world.
Table Length

The length of a ping pong table as per the international standards is exactly 2.74 meters. This means the length is exactly 9 feet long. As for the size in inches, your table size has to be 108 inches long for it to be considered a regulation-sized table for table tennis.
Table Width

The table width has to be 1.525 meters.

When you convert that figure, you get exactly 5 feet of width, and you have to ensure this, in order to play table tennis, as per the regulations of the ITTF. 5 feet in inches is 60 inches, so you have to make sure that the size of the room is a lot wider than 5 feet if you want to place your table indoors.
Table Height

The height of the table has to be a standard size, as well. The official standard states that your table should be at least 76 centimeters tall. That means the table you buy should be 2.5 feet high, which is 29.9 inches, for it to be as per the standards of ITTF.
Table Weight

Different tables made from different manufacturers tend to vary a lot in their weight. It also ensures how stable the table is, which is important because the playing surface needs to be stable enough.

The typical weight of the best ping pong table which is of high-quality and the full size is around 300lbs. This means that a typical ping pong table can weigh up to 136 kgs. You can find tables that are even heavier than this size, and as long as the material used in the creation of a table is approved and offers continuity and good bounce, there is no regulation of how heavy a table should be.
Table Thickness

This is the most important indicator of the quality of the best ping pong tables. The rule is simple when it comes to choosing a table, the thicker your table is, the better it is. The thickness of a table ranges from 12mm-25mm.

We do not advise buying thinner tables because the tabletops are flimsy, easily damaged, and the bounce is low. The standard regulation of ITTF states that a ball, when thrown on the surface of a table from a height of 30cm, should bounce at least 23cm. This is only possible if the thickness of the table is between 22mm-25mm.

The medium-sized thickness is more than fine for practicing and improving your game, especially if you are a beginner. 16mm-19mm is ideal, and anything more is even better. It ensures consistent bounce and proper care can result in years of usage.

The table tops that range from 22mm-25mm, are of the highest quality. These are Olympic ping pong table thicknesses, and the very best players play on such surfaces. You can buy tables with a thickness of 22mm-25mm, but they will be very expensive.
Ping Pong Net Sizes and Dimensions: Length and Width

The height of a net, including the net itself and the cord attached, should not be taller than 15.25cm above the playing surface. The length of the net should be 1.83 meters long covering the entire width of the table, and the net should be as close to the playing surface, as possible. Official regulations of ITTF state that the net stripe should not be thicker than 15mm.

Some players look for a separate table tennis net to ensure the highest quality when purchasing the best ping pong table with top Ping Pong Table Paint Color

There is no specification on the color of the table. ITTF states that the color should be dark enough so that the ball is visible and should have a toned-down finish to minimize any kind of glare or reflection.
Official Size for the best Ping Pong Table

This is why, most of the tables that are used in official competitions are either dark green or dark blue. Dark green tables were commonly used in the past, however, dark blue is the norm now, and we often see black and purple tables, as well. Similarly, the net is not mandatory to match the color of the table.
Table Line Size – Markings

The best standard ping pong table must have the following markings:

The third line mentioned is for the purpose of double games as it helps to divide the tables into equal halves.
Mini Ping Pong Table Dimensions

Ping pong can be played on almost any surface. That is why, you do not have to follow the standard regulations for recreational fun with friends and family. For that purpose, there are many different ping pong tables that you can find in mini sizes, as well.

These tables usually have a similar height to the standard regulations at 2.5 feet but vary greatly in length and width. The most commonly found mini ping pong tables are around 6 feet long and 3 feet wide. There are lots of other sizes available, as well, and it depends majorly on the manufacturer and your preference, what you choose.
Other Small Ping Pong Tables

Like we mentioned above, you can almost find a table in any size and use it for playing ping pong.
¾ sized ping pong table

However, ping pong for fun and recreational purposes is commonly played on tables that are ¾ sized. These are smaller versions of the actual size and have the dimensions of 7 feet length with 4 feet width and 2.5 feet height. We suggest going for a ¾ sized table, especially, if you want an experience closer to the official standard, but also do not have the space for keeping a full-sized table at home.
Beer pong table

You can also play ping pong on a beer pong table when you know the rules. The official regulation size of a beer pong table is 8 feet length x 2 feet width and a height slightly shorter than the regulation size of ping pong tables.
Conversion top

Another option for playing table tennis is by converting another table into a tabletop for ping pong. You can easily purchase conversion tops, and manufacturers of conversion tops are the same ones which make the official sized tables for table tennis like JOOLA, Butterfly, etc. This allows you to convert your billiard or snooker table into the best ping pong table.
Room Size for Ping Pong Table

Now that we have an idea of how much space we need for a table, it makes the next step of clearing playing space, easier.
Ping Pong Table Clearance

For a standard-sized table, it is important to clear 10 feet in length in addition to the length of the table. And similarly, 6 feet in width, in addition to the width of the table, making it 19 feet long and 11 feet wide, which would make sure that space is not too cramped for playing.
Comparing Typical Room with Tournament Rooms:

The tournament rooms in international events should be 14m x 7m which means the playfield should be 46 feet in length and 23 feet in width.

National level tournaments have less demanding space requirements. Your standard sized living room, if cleared properly, can make for comfortable playing space.

Conclusively, anything can be considered a playing area and any surface can be created into a ping pong table. You just need to have the passion to play the game. However, if you are one who likes to play the sport in the right manner, you should follow the instructions given above and create a lovely playing area and master the art!

Much like any other sport, there are certain rules and regulations that oversee professional table tennis. The governing body in charge of issuing and enacting these rules is the International Table Tennis Federation, or the ITTF. So you can bet that every aspect of an official game – from the way it’s played, to where it’s played – are all overseen by this one authoritative body.

If you’re planning on joining a tournament, or if you want to set up your own table tennis training center, it’s important to consider the regulations set forth by the ITTF to ensure that you and you’re aspiring pros are playing within the proper parameters. Of the most important factors to consider are the ping pong table dimensions of your set-up, and the space where it stands.
What are the ITTF Table Dimensions?
ping pong table size

The ITTF oversees official games held in all the different countries that participate in international table tennis sporting events. So to make sure that everyone is on the same page, the organization issued specific dimensions that ping pong tables used in official games should comply with.

Here are the dimensions of an ITTF compliant ping pong table:

Aside from the best ping pong table size though, there are a few other things that a table needs to satisfy in order to be considered up to code, based on ITTF standards:

  1. A uniform matte finish with a gloss index of 15​.
  2. Generates a uniform bounce height of 23 cm when a standard ping pong ball is dropped vertically down on any part of the surface from a height of 30 cm.
  3. Made from a continuous material – that is, two pieces of wood to form one standard sized ping pong table is not considered ITTF compliant.
  4. Paint should be uniformly dark to provide contrast against the ping pong ball.
  5. Tables should have a white side line that covers all four borders. This line should be 2 cm in width.
  6. For doubles, there should be a white center line that measures 3 mm in width to demarcate the playing fields for all four players.
    On top of that, the net used for the set-up should also meet specific standards. These include:

· An overhang of 6 inches on either side of the table. That is, the entire length of the net should total 6.0 feet.

· The net should stand at a height of 6 inches over the table tennis surface.
Space Around the Table
table tennis room size

When considering the space needed for a ping pong table, it’s equally important to factor in the players’ movement. Often, players will move further away from the table as they become accustomed to the game. So you should allot some space around the set-up in order to accommodate this movement. This is where the table tennis room size is very important.

There are different size requirements based on the level of the tournament in question. The sizes provided are minimum requirements, which mean the space may be larger but never smaller than indicated below:

· International events – 46 feet by 23 feet

· National tournaments – 40 feet by 20 feet

· National league – 33 feet by 16 feet and 6 inches

· Local leagues and tournaments – 30 feet by 16 feet and 6 inches

· Recreational play/Training facilities – 28 feet by 13 feet
Tips for Working with a Limited Space

If you’re trying to set up a training facility for table tennis or if you simply want to have a ping pong table at home, but you don’t have enough space to accommodate the minimum space requirement for recreational use, then there are a few things you can try to help maximize your limited space.

  1. Midsize Compact Table – While they might not comply with standard dimensions issued by the ITTF, a midsize compact ping pong table like the one from Joola can make a great substitute for people with a limited area to work with. This specific table can be ideal for recreational use, and may even be a suitable practice table for those who want to try different playing styles and swings.
    are olympic ping pong tables smaller
  2. Half Table – Choices like the FDW Premium Table Tennis Table are another suitable choice for those who want to set-up a ping pong table but have limited space. The design can be folded in half, turning one half into a wall that’s ideal for single play. When laid out flat, the table meets ITTF standards, so it can still be used for professional training and coaching. Folded table tennis table dimensions vary, but the beauty of this one is once is the space saving once folded.
    folded table tennis table dimensions
  3. Outdoor Table – If you don’t have enough room indoors to fit your ping pong table, consider using an outdoor table. These are built to be a little more robust, so the materials and paint don’t wear away with exposure to moisture or dirt. Of course, they might need a little extra cleaning, but outdoor ping pong tables can be sturdy and reliable with regular maintenance.
    Other Considerations

There are a few other considerations you might want to take into account if you want to comply with ITTF standards. These won’t only help prepare you or your aspiring professional table tennis players practice your skills and styles, but will also make it easier to become accustomed to the standards used for actual tournaments and table tennis events.

  1. Lighting – Ping pong should be played in a well-lit area with uniform white lighting to maximize the visibility of the players and spectators. There are parameters set by the ITTF to guide organizers as to the intensity of lighting, depending on the level of the tournament being played. Note that these standards are the minimum requirement.

o World Championships and the Olympics – 1,000 lux and 5 meters above the ground

o All Other International Events – 750 – 1,000 lux, at 4 meters above ground level

o National and Local League – 500 lux at 3 meters above the ground level

o Recreational play and training – 300 lux at 3 meters above the ground level

  1. Ceiling Height – The previous parameters for lighting should set the standard for ceiling height. So at the recreational level, the ceiling should be at a height of at least 3 meters. For World Championships and Olympic Events, the ceiling should be at least 5 meters high.
  2. Flooring – As a general rule, table tennis should not be played on cement floor or carpeted floor. According to the ITTF, the ideal flooring for an official game of ping pong should be made from wooden semi-sprung floors, however more recent updates to the ITTF regulations have indicated that Taraflex flooring can also be ideal.

In terms of color, the floor should have an obvious contrast with the playing surface so as to improve the visibility of the ball during play. It’s also required that the floor be perfectly level, allowing players to move around without the risk of tripping, slipping, and falling.

  1. Room Temperature – The recommended temperature for an official table tennis match is at 15 – 20 degrees Celsius. The reason for the cold temperature is to reduce the players’ sweat, allowing them to grip their paddles more efficiently as the games progress. Humidity should also be maintained at 40-50% so as not to affect the performance of the racket’s rubber and the table’s surface.

If you’re planning to host spectators, you might also want to consider their comfort. Of course, this becomes secondary to the way temperature affects the players, but it’s worth factoring in nonetheless especially if you have a large space.

  1. Wall Colors – Some games are played with spectators at just around the eye level of the players. So their view of the ball might be more horizontal. That said, it’s also recommended that walls be painted a dark color in order to increase the contrast between the ball and its backdrop.

At up to 8 feet of the wall’s height, organizers should use a dark wall color. But any part of the wall above 8 feet should be painted a lighter color so as not to dampen the intensity of the light.

  1. Multiple Tables – Some training centers and tournament venues have enough room for more than just one table. In this case, tables should be arranged side by side. A single table should be given the minimum requirement of space around it, which is set at 28 feet by 13 feet based on recreational standards.

In some cases, you might also want to install dividers between tables in order to demarcate the boundaries of each table. These barriers should outline the playing area and be at least 2 and a half feet in height.
In Summary

Whether you’re hoping to set-up your own table tennis training facility, or if you’re keen on having a recreational table in your home, these guidelines should help you prepare an environment that’s as close to the real thing as possible.

By following these ITTF issued requirements for ping pong table dimensions, you can train in a space worthy of the pros. So be sure to keep this information in mind when you set-up your own table tennis playing area, and hone your skills based on international standards.

As the weather cools down and the pandemic continues, we’re once again looking for ways to entertain ourselves inside. Table tennis offers a fun alternative to plopping down on the couch for another three-hour stretch of Netflix, and pretty much anyone can play. As two-time table-tennis Olympian Sean O’Neill says, “Table tennis is ubiquitous. Everyone is playing it. Everyone is having fun.” As long as you have a little hand-eye coordination and a paddle, you can handle it too. The sport can be played solo or in groups, competitively or casually — as something to keep your hands occupied while you’re talking.

Some tables are lighter than others and are designed to be easily stored or to withstand the weather outside. Then there are tables that look so good — and are so addictive to play on — that you’ll want them to be on permanent display. To find the best table-tennis tables, we spoke to eight experts: O’Neill; Will Shortz, owner of Westchester Table Tennis Center (and casual crossword puzzler); Judy Hoarfrost, a USA Table Tennis Hall of Famer and owner of Paddle Palace; John Hsu, a coach at Maryland Table Tennis Center; Yanjun Gao, a former National Collegiate Table Tennis Association champ and the head coach of NYU’s table-tennis team; Chen Wang, a former Olympian and founder of Wang Chen Table Tennis Club; Mitchell Seidenfeld, a former Paralympian and CEO of Minnesota Table Tennis Club; and Gao Jun, head coach of California Table Tennis Club. Below are their recommendations for table-tennis tables (as well as some racquet, ball, and net options) suitable for all types of players and budgets.
The best beginner table-tennis tables
Kettler Indoor 11 Tennis Table
Kettler Indoor 11 Tennis Table

For novices who want something lightweight for recreational use — or for kids to play on — Shortz says Kettler Tables are budget friendly and reliable. Although “they aren’t as sturdy and don’t last as long as higher-quality tables,” a Kettler table like the Indoor 11 is ready to play out of the box and makes for a good option if you just “want something to hit on in your basement.”
$799 at Kettler
Joola Inside 15mm Professional MDF Indoor Table Tennis Table
Very Good Deal
Joola Inside 15mm Professional MDF Indoor Table Tennis Table
$575 now 31% off

“Joola is a great brand for amateurs and beginners, whether indoor or outdoor,” Chen says. Hsu likes this table in particular because it’s affordable and “you can still get a lot of good-quality play out of it.”
$399 at Amazon
Joola Inside 25mm Professional MDF Indoor Table Tennis Table
Joola Inside 25mm Professional MDF Indoor Table Tennis Table

Like Hsu, Gao likes the Joola Inside table for beginners, but he recommends spending a couple hundred dollars more for the 25-mm. version. When you play with tables less than 25-mm. thick, “the bounce is lower and not as consistent,” he says. “It’s not high enough for quality playing.” Hoarfrost and Seidenfeld agree, stressing that recreational players should invest in thicker, professional-quality tables that are approved by the International Table Tennis Federation. According to O’Neill, “The thicker table reduces vibration, which you want to get rid of” to achieve that consistent high bounce. “Remember, the ball is only two ounces, so you don’t want that vibration transferring to it,” he says.
$650 at Amazon
The best midrange table-tennis tables
Donic Waldner Classic 25 Table
Donic Waldner Classic 25 Table

Professional-grade tables like this one are hassle-free and much more durable than budget tables. “When you put a table like the Waldner Classic 25 up and down, it folds smoothly. It’s easy to put away,” Hoarfrost says. A “really solid table can withstand running into it as a player,” O’Neill says. “Or if you are playing doubles and someone gets bumped into the table, it is not moving six inches.”
$1,495 at My Game Tables
$1,395 at Table Tennis Store
Butterfly Space Saver 22 Table Tennis Table
Butterfly Space Saver 22 Table Tennis Table

Jun recommends the lower-priced Butterfly Space Saver 22 because it’s ITTF-approved and has a solid thickness and consistent bounce. Plus, it’s easy to fold up and roll away for storage in small spaces.
$1,650 at Wayfair
$1,500 at Dick’s Sporting Goods
Butterfly Match 22 Rollaway Table Tennis Table
Butterfly Match 22 Rollaway Table Tennis Table

Seidenfeld has used this similar model, designed for easy storage, for years. “It’s a little more affordable but still has a 22-mm. top,” he says. “It works really well for recreational play.”
$1,500 at Amazon
Donic Waldner Premium 30 Table
Donic Waldner Premium 30 Table

This thick 30-mm. table is what Hoarfrost plays on. “A lot of our customers these days are making an investment for their home, and they want something they can use for many years,” she says. “My table, which I’ve had for over 30 years, is as good now as when I got it.” The Donic Waldner 30 is “really thick and sturdy and has an excellent, consistent bounce,” she says. She recommends it for “people that are looking for the best and something they can actually have at home that people would be using at the World Championships.”
$1,545 at American Table Tennis
$1,495 at My Game Tables
The best professional-quality table-tennis tables
Stiga Optimum 30 Table Tennis Table
Stiga Optimum 30 Table Tennis Table
$1,500 now 7% off

Hoarfrost believes German brands like Stiga have the best-quality tables. According to her, “This one is really solid. At 30-mm., it’s thicker than one inch and it’s really sturdy.” O’Neill agrees: “If I’m putting together a club or putting a table in my basement, I would probably spend the money and look at the $1,200 to $1,500 price range of Stiga tables, knowing I’m going to get 15 or 20 years out of it,” he says. Hoarfrost describes it as “very popular and a really good price for what you get.”
$1,400 at Amazon
Joola 3000 SC Professional Table Tennis Table
Joola 3000 SC Professional Table Tennis Table

Maryland Table Tennis Center, one of the premier tennis-table clubs in the United States, uses the ITTF-approved, official competition Joola 3000 SC tables. Hsu says they’re “as good as any other tables in the world. We like them at our club because of their very high quality.” (He also uses this table at home.) Along with providing consistent ball bounce, the thicker wood is “more even and straighter,” Hsu says. “With thinner tables, you can have a bend in the table that will create an inconsistent bounce.” This model folds up easily and has “heavy-duty, durable wheels with brakes on two of the four wheels,” Hsu says. Gao likes the 3000 SC too, calling it “the best table.” Of the ten tables the NYU team uses, eight are 3000 SCs. It’s also the table Gao uses at home.
$1,800 at best Ping Pong Champs
$1,800 at Game World Planet
Butterfly Centrefold 25 Table Tennis Table
Butterfly Centrefold 25 Table Tennis Table

“As a former professional player, I have used many different brands in different tournaments. The Butterfly table is the best I have ever used,” Jun says. This durable table is what she uses at her own club. Chen concurs: “The best brand for professionals is Butterfly — they’re quality, used by world champions.”
$2,309 at Amazon
Butterfly Octet 25 Rollaway Table
Butterfly Octet 25 Rollaway Table

Seidenfeld uses this table at his club primarily because it provides great gameplay but also because it’s easily stored. “I like that each half of the table comes on its own separate undercarriage, so that each side of the table can fold up separately,” he explains. “Then when you store them, they nest up against each other. They can be stacked together, and they take up a lot less space in storage.” This is a particularly nice feature if you’re getting serious about your game and want to invest in more than one table.
$2,099 at Dick’s Sporting Goods
DHS Double Happiness Big Rainbow Table
DHS Double Happiness Big Rainbow Table

At his facility outside of New York City, Shortz uses Double Happiness Rainbow Tables from the Chinese brand DHS. While Shortz also likes Joola (Germany) and Stag (India), he prefers DHS for its unique, colorful, “gorgeous” designs. And he’s not alone. O’Neill calls these tables “pieces of art.” One thing to note before you buy, however: “You can’t fold this up,” Shortz says. “It’s pretty permanent. It’s not easy to take apart and put together again.” O’Neill compares it to a jigsaw puzzle and says “it takes four people to put together.” But the design is top notch. A huge benefit to the rainbow-leg design is the fluidity of movement it allows for players. There are no corner posts to block movement under and around the table, allowing for a more physical game.
$2,109 at ebuy7
$2,499 at Table4Tennis
The best outdoor table-tennis tables
Butterfly Playback Rollaway Outdoor Table Tennis Table
Butterfly Playback Rollaway Outdoor Table Tennis Table

People want to play recreationally at events, parties, and in parks as a communal activity, “so you have a lot more outdoor, beach, pool, backyard, and garage play,” O’Neill says. He likes Butterfly brand tables like this one. There is a challenge, however: To protect the wood from warping, these tables have a protective coat made to withstand rain, heat, and humidity. If you’re a pro, you might notice the difference, but the rest of us won’t be able to tell.
$906 at Amazon
Joola Nova Pro Plus Outdoor Table
Joola Nova Pro Plus Outdoor Table

For long-term, multiuse durability, Hsu also recommends the Joola Nova Pro Plus, which has “an aluminum coating that makes it more durable to withstand weather.” Some of his students own this table and are happy with it.
$600 at Amazon
The best accessories for your table-tennis table
Butterfly Replacement Table Tennis Net and Posts
Butterfly Replacement Table Tennis Net and Posts

“I always look for a table that doesn’t have a net permanently attached to it,” explains Seidenfeld. Parents with super-active and curious kids be warned: Getting stuck with a broken net that can’t detach is no fun. He adds that it’s nice to “decide what quality of net you put on your table” rather than being stuck with a subpar set-up. Seidenfeld has been using this Butterfly net on his club tables for years. “It’s a high-enough quality that it can be used in major tournaments, but it also meets the needs of average club players, as well,” he says. You should match your table brand to your net, though: “Each company has nets of a similar quality.”
$38 at Amazon
Butterfly Timo Boll 300 Table-Tennis Racket
Butterfly Timo Boll 300 Table-Tennis Racket

Chen likes Butterfly’s table-tennis paddles, warning that with generic brands “the quality can be very cheap.” All the big-four brands — Stiga, Butterfly, Joola, and Donic — “make preassembled, high-end recreational paddles that have quality rubber and a nice balanced blade,” O’Neill says. “For every $10 to $15 you go up in price, you will add more control and spin to your paddle.” A professional brand will help you develop the playing style that works best for you. Seidenfeld recommends hitting up an expert at your local club for more advice. “You should base your choice on something that has the right characteristics for your game, rather than the fastest or prettiest blade,” he says.
$25 at Amazon
Nittaku 3-Star Premium 40+ Table Tennis Balls
Nittaku 3-Star Premium 40+ Table Tennis Balls

Affordable multipacks of training balls will work well for amateur players. “If people are working on their game, they might need to use a lot of balls, so it’s good to have a box,” says Seidenfeld. But for any form of competition, he and Chen say that these slightly more expensive Nittaku balls are a classic and reliable choice.
$13 at Amazon
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You want to buy the best ping pong table but don’t know what to choose from the hundreds of available ones on the market. There are different brands and different types, each with their own pros and cons. How do you choose the right table tennis table for personal use, for your club or for your startup? This article will answer all your questions and help you make the best possible decision.
Best ping pong table

We split the table reviews into two categories. Outdoor tables and indoor tables. This way you can go directly to the section that you need and find your table. The scores should be compared within their own category. So an 8 for indoor is not necessarily better than a 7.5 in outdoor. Water resistance is not as important for an indoor table for example, so it will not factor in.

These days not everybody has the time to read a whole article, and that is ok. Maybe you want a quick suggestion for a gift, who knows. Here is at a glance our best pick.
Best overall – Joola Inside 18mm version
Joola Inside

Check Price on

Here are the tables in a table. Pun intended, couldn’t help myself. Check out the full reviews below for more info.
Best outdoor tables
Name Weight Thickness Score Price
JOOLA NOVA DX Indoor/Outdoor JOOLA NOVA DX Indoor/Outdoor 166 pounds 6mm 9.7/10
Cornilleau 500M Crossover Indoor/Outdoor Cornilleau 500M Crossover Indoor/Outdoor 158 pounds 7mm 9.5/10
Kettler Outdoor Kettler Outdoor 147 pounds 22mm 9.1/10
Harvil Outsider Harvil Outsider 130 pounds 6mm 8.8/10
Cornilleau 250S Crossover Indoor/Outdoor Cornilleau 250S Crossover Indoor/Outdoor 141 pounds 5mm 8.5/10
Best indoor tables
Name Weight Thickness Score Price
JOOLA Inside JOOLA Inside 190 pounds 1in 3/4in 5/8in 9.9/10
STIGA Advantage STIGA Advantage 189 pounds 5/8in 9.6/10
JOOLA Rally TL Professional Grade JOOLA Rally TL Professional Grade 196 pounds 1in 3/4in 5/8in 9.4/10
JOOLA Tour Professional Grade JOOLA Tour Professional Grade 185 pounds 1in 3/4in 5/8in 9.1/10
JOOLA Midsize Compact JOOLA Midsize Compact 62 pounds 1/2in 8.9/10

This is a huge article and you can get lost pretty easily. This table of contents will make your life a lot easier. Jump to the review that interests you the most or just scroll down for some tips on how to choose a table tennis table.

Top 5 outdoor ping pong tables

  1. Cornilleau 250S Crossover Indoor/Outdoor
    Cornilleau 250S Crossover Indoor/Outdoor

Although this table was not our first pick, it is none the less a great table. It is made from good quality materials and the attention to detail is remarkable. The top has a 5mm resin laminate that creates a dense and hard playing surface.

For convenience, this table features a built-in storage area on each side of the table for keeping rackets and balls. The table features a variable weatherproof netting system that can be adjusted for height or tension. This net can easily be folded to a compact size and stored in the table compartment when not in use. The storage compartment is large enough to fit all the rackets and balls that you will ever need.

Built from premium materials, the table can hold up without any problems under extreme use whether indoors or outdoors. It is weatherproof so you can play in the rain without damaging the table or any of its components. It even has adjustable legs so you can play on gravel or other uneven surfaces. This is a heavy table at 140 pounds and it can be a bit difficult to move around when assembling. So keep this in mind if you were planning to put together the table by yourself.

Because it is an Indoor/Outdoor table you can use it in the backyard, at a barbecue, in the office or in the game room of your home. It is one of the most versatile tables that you can get.

Although 5mm is very respectable for a resin outdoor top, it is not going to give you the best bounce. If you are a serious player and are looking for a table that will help you improve your game, then keep reading as this table will not help you very much. If on the other hand, you are looking for a great, durable table that you can take out in the sun with your family or friends, then the Cornilleau 250S is a great pick.
Check on

  1. Harvil Outsider
    Harvil Outsider

Next up, the Harvil Outsider which is a bit better than the 250S. It has a table top that is 6mm thick, which is made of weatherproof aluminum that is resistant to rain, humidity, UV rays and temperature extremes. This is a table that is built for outdoor fun and recreation.

The Outsider is designed for portability and easy storage. It sets up quickly taking only 10 minutes from the time that you take it out of the box. The sturdy wheels feature locking mechanisms that keep them firmly in place when in play. Simply unlock them when you want ease in transport for moving or re-positioning the table. When you’re finished playing, the table top and legs fold, taking a lot less space and making it easier to store.

When players want to play individually, this table can fold in half. It has a safety latch that guarantees the top will not open up during playback practice sessions. You can practice your strokes for hours on end to get that leg up on your friends.

The table top is made of a durable aluminum material that is highly resistant to damage and corrosion. Four powder-coated steel legs hold the table securely upright. The top is finished with vibrant white lines on the playing surface that outline the boundaries for regulation play. The steel frame is also powder coated for strength and resistance to weather.

The Harvil package does not have a special weatherproofing treatment for the underside of the table which can be a problem in certain weather conditions. In addition, paddles and balls must be purchased separately.

This is an excellent outdoor table tennis table. For a 6mm thick table, it has a more than decent play bounce and the durable and weather resistant surface makes it perfect for outdoor use. It also comes with an excellent quality net and posts.
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  1. Kettler Outdoor
    Kettler Outdoor

The Kettler Outdoor is a 3/4 inch (22mm) thick ping pong table that has a top made from multiple layers of materials like wood, aluminum, and their patented ALU-TEC technology. It delivers a tournament quality bounce that is resistant to damage from high impact play. It is ideal for setting up at barbecues, campsites, in your backyard or anywhere you want to enjoy a high-level session of table tennis.

This table comes with a waterproof top that also features the patented Alu-Tec climate control on the underside to protect the entire table from a variety of weather conditions. This and the thicker top is what sets it aside from the Harvil Outsider.

The table has a dual lock safety feature that holds it firmly in place when in use. It folds out easily to a size of 108 L x 60 W x 30 H inches. When it’s time to put it away, it folds conveniently into a compact size of 19.29 x 60 x 67 inches. It is also equipped with 4.5-inch dual-wheeled casters to make it easy to transport and store. The table is remarkably stable with no leans or wobbles.

The only downside is that some people have had a little difficulty assembling this table. The instructions are mostly illustrations and you must pay close attention to detail. The 4.5-inch wheels work well but they do not have a locking mechanism like other tables on our list. The net is great, but the connection system for attaching it is a little confusing for some. Unlike the Harvil this table tennis table comes with two Kettler Halo 5.0 paddles, a 6 pack of 3 star balls and a Kettler outdoor cover to protect the surface.

The table is highly durable and resistant to all types of damage from weather or intense play. It also comes with several useful accessories which are included for free. The included paddles are decent for casual play and the AluTec surface is preferred to wood by many users.

This table is one of the best options if you’re looking for an outdoor table for fun with friends, family or members of your club. It offers excellent table action even for the most pretentious of players out there.

The 22mm top sets it apart from most tables in this outdoor list but because it is made from wood-like materials it should be better compared to its indoor cousins. A 22mm table of this type is arguably comparable to a 7mm hard resin type table, which is still a very good thickness. The bounce is consistent on every side of the table and it approaches the high level, professional standards.
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  1. Cornilleau 500M Crossover Indoor/Outdoor
    Cornilleau 500M Crossover Indoor/Outdoor

Our second Cornilleau table on the list and one of the best outdoor tables out there. This one is a high-end regulation-sized table tennis table with a strong build which makes it ideal for using outside or indoors. It comes with large sized wheels that make it easy to move from one place to another and a high-quality net. The built-in leg levelers are useful when trying to play on an uneven surface such as at a park or at an outside barbecue. It’s a multi-purpose table that makes it one of the best tables for use in a variety of locations for both indoor and outdoor playing sessions.

The playing surface features a 7 mm resin laminate for a smooth and dense playing surface. This offers a near perfect ball bounce that will satisfy even the more experienced of players. The patented Mattop finish has an anti-glare feature that eliminates light glare and ensures that the ball adheres to the surface for optimum play conditions. Corner protectors on the edges of the table are an additional safety feature that protects both table and players.

After you’re done with the day, the table folds to a size of 62“ H x 64” W x 30“ D for easy storage. The retractable net can be easily removed and stored as well, when necessary. To make it even easier to handle, this table comes with a carrying handle which can be used to pull the table into position.

This ping pong table is a full-sized regulation table that is made out of strong and weatherproof materials for use indoors or outdoors. The playing surface offers a smooth and responsive area with enough grip to encourage the best possible ball reaction during play. It can be used as well in a home or office as it can in a park or camping area. The versatility of this table makes it a very cost-effective acquisition.

The 500M is best for players who are interested in owning a high-quality product that is fit for use in a variety of recreational and competitive situations. It is one of the more expensive tables, but the Cornilleau brand is popular for making competition grade products which are good for novices as well as professional players. This table is no doubt on the premium spectrum. However, because of the useful features and versatility that it offers, it is a good deal for anyone who wants to play on a regular basis.
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  1. Joola Nova DX
    Joola Nova DX

Our number one outdoor pick. Truly a remarkable table that will accommodate a wide range of player types and situations. (While still being affordable).

When evaluating table tennis tables with an indoor/outdoor ranking, it is important to pay attention to elements of the table that will be affected by outdoor play. The Joola Nova DX is designed with the highest quality and dependability which will offer a consistent playing experience. The design ensures that the netting and the deck are perfectly set and symmetrically aligned. You can use it in your backyard or it can be used as a park or playground set. The table is built by Joola, the official brand of the U.S. Nationals tournament. When the durability and design are considered, the Joola Nova DX stands out above the rest.

Another important component that is essential when creating a great outdoor table tennis table is the ability to stand up to extreme weather conditions, including rain, heat, and humidity. The table top is immensely sturdy, possessing a 6mm thick surface that is made from a combination of aluminum and plastic composite. Unlike wood, this composite material is not subject to warping in the same manner as a wood table would be. The 6mm thickness puts this table into the middle to high bracket when it comes to ball bounce and performance.

Because the table comes 95 percent pre-assembled you will be up and playing faster than you can say ”Ping Pong“. The estimated time of assembly is only 15 minutes and the instructions are easy to follow. Once assembled it will take you about a minute to fold for storage or take out to play again.

Like other tables on this list, a great added feature is that it is split in half, allowing you to drop one half to take advantage of the play-back option. The fact the table can also be folded makes for easy storage when you are finished with it. This means that you can keep in the garage and still park your car in once you put the table away.

You may be wondering why we chose this table over our number 2 spot. After all, the previous table has 7mm top thickness and this one features only a 6mm one. Well, for starters, 6mm for a composite/resin type tabletop is nothing to scoff at. But this particular table offers an awesome ball bounce and very good accuracy. But when you take the price into consideration you really start to understand our decision. Sure, you can get the 500M, and you may really find that it was a better option for you, but this table offers similar performance at a third the price. No brainer in our opinion.

There are a number of remarkable outdoor tables on the market, but the Joola Nova DX Indoor/Outdoor table tennis table stands alone with its quality, versatility and price-performance ratio.
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Top 5 indoor ping pong tables

  1. JOOLA Midsize Compact
    JOOLA Midsize Compact

It is the least expensive table on our list and one of the more peculiar tables. Joola’s midsize compact table tennis table is the ideal solution for playing in smaller spaces with your friends but especially with the kids.

This table is designed with the same quality as regulation tables with dimensions of 72L x 36W x 30H inches, which is a standard height with a smaller playing surface area.

It’s small enough to fit into a medium sized closet or it can be used as two separate tables for other purposes. The weight is just 62 pounds for easy moving from one place to another. It’s small enough to set up in a kids’ room, office, or other room in the house. The table comes fully assembled and ready to use right out of the box. All you need to do is unfold the legs and attach the net which is included in the box.

This table is made of two halves that lock firmly into place for a decent ball bounce. The legs are pre-attached to the table top and unfold quickly for setup and fold up neatly when it’s time to put the table away. Lightweight yet durable materials went into the making of this table to keep it easy to set up, break down and store.

This is the best table tennis table for players who are looking for a lightweight and more compact table for smaller areas. The surface has a good bounce and it’s ideal for use in small rooms or for a ping pong table that is easy to move from one place to another. It does not, however, come with any special weatherproofing for outdoor use. The folding legs do not come with any special features such as height adjusters or locking wheels.

The Joola Mid Size is perfect for kids rooms, offices or any other smaller area. It is the smallest table of the group and is made by a company that supplies tables and accessories for official competitions. Unlike the Kettler from the outdoor list, it doesn’t have adjustable legs so it must be used on an even surface. But comparing them is similar to drawing similarities between apples and oranges. This table is made to be used in smaller areas and lacks many of the features that the others include.

Obviously, this is not table tennis table that you would get if you wanted to practice and improve your skills. There are much better options below for precision, high-performance table tennis. Still, it’s a high-quality table that has its place in our collection of the top five indoor tables. What this table excels at is fast, casual ping pong in the comfort of your house, without dedicating a whole room to the sport.
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  1. JOOLA Tour Professional Grade
    JOOLA Tour Professional Grade

The Joola Tour is one of the best tables for indoor play when you crave a full game on a regulation-sized table. The 9×5 playing surface offers competition grade size for tournament play. The ideal table for community gaming centers or for home use by players of all ages and skill levels.

You can get this table in 3 table top sizes: 5/8 inch(15mm), 3/4(18mm) or one full inch(25mm) thickness. Obviously, the 25mm would be best, but unless you are starting your own table tennis club the 18mm one will do just fine. The surface is hard and made out of thick durable MDF board that is painted with multiple layers for a reliable ball bounce.

The table is 95% pre-assembled in the box. The only thing you will need to do is attach the legs with 8 bolts and then attach the screw clamp net. The entire process takes about fifteen minutes. It also comes with a net, so you don’t have to worry about that. If you want to practice solo to further improve those moves, you can fold the table in half and go at it.

Four wheels with locking mechanisms allow for easy transport of the table from one place to another. The 4 wheel trolley system features a locking mechanism that safely locks the table into place when in use as a full sized unit or when halved for playback mode. The steel legs are equipped with leg height adjusters for achieving a level playing surface.

Joola Tour is a professional grade table tennis table that is suitable for competitive play, meeting requirements for regulation tournaments. The locking wheels make it easy to move and when locked they add extra stability to the table. This is the best indoor table for accommodating players from beginner through professional. It can be used in regulation matches as well as the office ping pong table.
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  1. JOOLA Rally TL Professional Grade
    JOOLA Rally TL Professional Grade

Here we go! Down to our top 3. These are the best tables on the market for indoor play. If you really want tournament quality play from the convenience of your home then the Joola Rally TL Pro is the way to go. Invite friends and family over for a few rounds or practice by yourself to improve your skills.

As you know, a good table shouldn’t take hours to assemble and the Rally TL is no exception. The table is 95% pre-assembled so there isn’t much to do to get ready for play. It only takes an average of fifteen minutes to make this table ready for play. When folded, the halves rest on a 4 wheel trolley system that allows greater mobility for single person transport when nested together. The automatic anti tilting locks are used to easily fold or unfold the table for putting it into playback mode. The wheels also have a locking mechanism to make sure the table is stable and it will not roll away when you accidentally push the table.

Like the Joola Tour and the coming tables below, it is available in three options: 5/8 inch(15mm), 3/4(18mm) or 1 inch(25mm). You have to choose based on your level of experience and how you will use the table. Read the section on table thickness if you haven’t already. No matter your choice, the surface is made out of thick medium density MDF fiberboard for durability and painted on in multiple layers for a smooth and consistent ball bounce. The legs are constructed of thick steel with built-in height adjusters for achieving a level playing surface.

What sets this table apart is the cool design and added features. It has a sleek black surface with four built-in ball holders and two magnetic abacus scorers to keep track of your game points. These are excellent additional accessories that increase the value of this versatile table that can be used for home, office or in a local community center.
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  1. STIGA Advantage Indoor
    STIGA Advantage Indoor

This is one awesome table tennis table. It has a good bounce, it is affordable, easy to setup and easy to store. It has it all. The only reason it is not number one is that you can’t get it in 1-inch thickness. You can only get it in 5/8 inch and although it is on the low side, somehow it performs way better than its similarly priced competitors.

The table top is made out of thick high-density MDF materials and is coated with a dark blue coloring. Silkscreen striping is applied to the tabletop with a finish that is smooth to the touch.

The independent chassis creates a versatile table tennis table that can be converted into two separate tables for other uses. Four 1.5” steel legs in a square design offer strong support with adjustable leg levelers and a self-opening feature for automatic deployment when opened. A strong steel spring clamp post system ensures that the tournament sized cotton blend net holds up under frequent use. The exterior steel components are treated with exterior grade powder coating.

The Stiga Advantage is a solid and durable product that is made with quality materials that are designed to last for years. With high-quality materials, workmanship, and design, this table tennis table meets the criteria for being among the top choices in its class on the market today.

Because it is only 5/8 inches thick we can’t recommend this table for professional play. The bounce is good but it is not at the level required for high performance. If you are looking for a table to practice at home for tournaments or to improve your skills, then just go with the Joola below. However, if you are a casual player and you just want to enjoy a session of ping pong with your friends, colleagues or family then this table will absolutely not disappoint you.

This is an excellent choice for people who are looking for a high-quality table that comes with a variety of useful features. It’s not only crafted for smoothness and high playability, this table’s built-in safety features make it a reliable table for intense gameplay.
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  1. JOOLA Inside
    JOOLA Inside

Our number one choice. The performance, craftsmanship, features, and price make the Joola Inside the complete package. Yes, this is the best table you can get on the market right now and the best thing about it? It is crazy affordable.

Like the other Joola offerings, you can get it in 5/8, 3/4, or 1-inch top thickness. We recommend you get the 3/4 inch if you are planning to use the table casually and the full inch version if you are getting the table for your table tennis club. Either way, you will get a high performance, high-quality table that will not disappoint you.

The Joola Inside is a beautiful ping pong table that will blend seamlessly in any room that you place it in. The dark blue top color is expertly matched by the black iron apron and thick legs. This is one of the best looking tables out there. It is made out of strong quality materials, which make it a very stable and durable table. Both the 3/4 and 1-inch thicknesses offer a consistent ball bounce, and it is grippy enough to react to whatever spin the ball may have. The only difference is in the bounce height which is slightly smaller for the 3/4 inch.

The table is built out of two halves that can be easily joined together in the middle. It comes mostly pre-assembled, you just have to screw on the legs and clamp on the net and you are ready to start the game. You should be done with the assembly in no more than 10 minutes.

The Joola Inside is a high-quality table that offers a lot of features and performance for its price. Some worth mentioning include the corner protectors, the powdered undercarriage to prevent rust, locking wheels, compact storage size, and the playback action mode. The legs can be folded so you can place the table against a wall to gain more space for solo mode. This can be done in less than 30 seconds and is a great way to kill time when you have no adversary to play with.

This is a solid ping pong table that is built for longevity and will offer a consistent playing experience. The craftsmanship is amazing and the attention to detail is unmatched. It really offers a lot of value for the price you pay.

The best thing about the Joola Inside is that it caters to every type of player. The base design and structure is the same for all versions. The only difference is in the table top thickness. This means that you get a great table if you are a recreational player as well as if you are a professional one.
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How to choose a table tennis table

Here we go. How DO you choose a table tennis table? Here are some things to consider. Where are you going to use it? How thick is it? Is it sturdy enough? How well do you play? We cover all of these and more below.
Indoor or Outdoor?

Do you have enough space inside your house for a full-sized table? Can you have it set up in your game room, your home office or the attic? Otherwise, you can take advantage of the outside space by getting an outdoor table tennis setup. If you’re planning to have it in your shed or garage, then it’s still better to get an outdoor table as an indoor one can warp quickly over time. Humidity is bad for indoor tables.

There are many different types of outdoor tables, but they all have something in common. The support and legs are usually rust-proofed and the surface is water-proofed to last longer. This ensures that your table tennis table won’t easily warp, become discolored or water damaged even if it sits out all day.

Unless you plan on playing outside most of the time, it’s advisable to get an indoor table and experience comfort of your living room while playing ping pong. You can still take the table outside when the weather is good.
Level of experience

Are you buying the table for casual play with your amateur buddies or some fun family time with the kids? Chances are, you won’t see much difference between a solid table and a high-end one beyond durability and quality of construction. In this instance, you’ll be better served with a mid-range table as the extra ball bounce and precision won’t affect your playing experience that much.

If you’re not a professional player and just want a good table for your office, then it will be in your best interest to get a sturdier table. People won’t take extra steps to care for a table that isn’t theirs. So the trade-off between sturdy versus a table that gives a more accurate bounce makes more sense.

Can your space accommodate a full-size table? Consider measuring the room beforehand and see if you’ve got an optimal playroom for the table. You’ll need to set a space allowance of at least a 3 feet on all sides (a pingpong table measures 9 by 5 feet) whether you’re playing for fun or for competition. Optimal space allowance is around 5 feet for all sides.
Storage Space

You may have enough play space to play table tennis quite comfortably with a group of friends, but will you want to leave the table open once you’re done? You may need the space for something else once the game is over, and not all people have the luxury to allot one full room just for recreational purposes.

If this is the case then you can opt for a table tennis table that can be folded or collapsed. This can be quite helpful when you need the room for something else. Fixed tables are set- once you put them in a room, they stay open. Folding ping pong tables, on the other hand, can be packed and are easier to store. Look for ones that also have wheels so you can slide them into your closet or in a corner more easily.

Table tennis tables can range from a few hundred dollars (the cheapest) to premium models that could burn a few thousand dollars in your pocket. Brand is pretty much a matter of choice, but for functionality alone, there are a lot of great tables out there. It shouldn’t cost more than $700 or so to have an awesome decent experience. This range is perfect for casual players or those who want a ping-pong table for occasional family sports activities.

Keep in mind that nets are an important part of a match as well. It’s better to choose quality as compared to cost in this aspect. Clip-on nets don’t offer much in terms of accuracy or adjustment. Retractable nets adjust to suit different-sized tables, but they’re usually not stable enough for serious play.
The Most Important Features in a Ping Pong Table

Ok, so what makes a ping pong table great? What should you look for when comparing one table with another? The most important thing is surface thickness, but there are other things to consider.
ping pong table surface thickness chart
Surface Thickness

When it comes to indoor tables, a thickness of a 1/2 inch or less will not be your best option. The ball won’t bounce as accurately, the table itself is too flimsy and will easily get damaged. When measuring thickness for indoor tables, try to stay within the optimal range of 3/4 inch to almost an inch which is the standard used by clubs. Serious players will want a 1 inch thick top so they can simulate playing at a tournament. This type is understandably the most expensive one but you’re guaranteed the best playing experience.

As for outdoor tables, because they are usually coated with a hard bonded resin or melamine, the top thickness can be a lot less. For example, a 5mm (about 1/4 inch) laminate top will give you a very decent bounce. For these types of tables you don’t want to go below 5mm and for the best experience, you want to go up to 7mm or higher.
Frame Strength

The sturdier, the better. You will want a table that’s guaranteed to last a long, long time to get the most bang for your buck. A poorly-made frame will buckle and bend over time, making it a pain to use. Non-folding tables have better frame strength as compared to their foldable counterparts. Cheaper tables are made from materials such as wood, while the most durable ones are made of stainless steel.
Usability / Ease of Use

Usability translates to having adjustable legs, wheels for easy transportation and easy folding. What’s more, some ping pong tables can be adjusted to be taller or shorter, which is a boon if you’re tall and playing with younger kids.

Safety becomes a priority especially if you’re playing with your family or with smaller children. Fingers may be trapped when folding the table for storage, or it could roll over and hurt your feet if they don’t have proper locking mechanisms. Look for safety features such as levers for easy folding that can minimize the risks of an accident. Better yet, locks can prevent untimely collapses while playing. You can also get tables with padded corners to prevent unnecessary injuries to players and onlookers.

All these things should help you get a better deal in the end. Keep in mind that surface quality, durability, and safety features will provide a better playing experience. This, in turn, will translate to a better investment over time.

Now that you know a bit more about how to choose a good table you will better appreciate and understand the reviews above. These are in our opinion the best ping pong tables on the market while still considering price.

Not all ping pong tables are created the same. When you want the best, there are considerations to be made before you settle. With hundreds of tables on the market today, finding the table that best meets your needs can be time-consuming and difficult. We’ve taken the most important things into consideration including size, quality, and features. We’ve evaluated each tennis table and provided full details of their strengths and weaknesses.

Often, table tennis and ping pong are thought to be the same sport. If you think they are the same sport, you’re not the only one. There are several people out there who still don’t know the differences between these two sports. Well, they are not entirely wrong. In fact, table tennis and ping pong used to be the same sport up until 2011. However, the misconception has been cleared, and today, we know they’re two different sports. And yes, with some similarities. Hence, in this article, we will consider table tennis and ping pong closely, explore the technicalities of the sports and look at the differences between the two. However, to better understand the differences between table tennis and ping pong, we need to go way down the history of the sport 1 and see how it all began. History Of the Two Games Ping Pong vs. Table Tennis: What Are the Differences? Like we said earlier, table tennis and ping pong used to be the same sport, more like a sport having different names. Back in the 1880s, precisely 1887, table tennis was invented. And it was not until 1890 that it became prevalent. The main reason for its invention was because, during the winter, people couldn’t play lawn tennis. It became necessary for them to come up with an indoor game, one that’s quite similar to lawn tennis, and hence, table tennis was invented. As the years passed, the sport started gaining popularity, more and more companies started making table tennis equipment. The first table tennis was manufactured in London in 1891 under Gossima’s name by Jaques’ games company. After that, different brands ventured into the production of table tennis and its equipment with various names. Such as Table Tennis, Ping Pong, Whiff Waff. Pim-Pam, amongst many others. Although many brands were into the manufacture of table tennis equipment, the game was unsatisfactory and sold very poorly. In 1900, some members of the London Club introduced celluloid to Gossima, one of the manufacturing brands, and they found it effective. The celluloid bouncing off the court sounded like “Ping and Pong.” After which, J. Jaques & Son Ltd renamed their game “Gossima” or “Ping Pong.” And later, Ping Pong was trademarked and was only used when referring to sets manufactured by them. Although other brands had different names for their sets, Ping Pong and table tennis became the leading names for the same game. And when the game became popular in the US, Parker Brothers bought the rights to the trademark. They also prevented other companies from using the term Ping-Pong. These two names, table tennis and ping-pong referring to the same sport was retained until 2011 when the Ping Pong World Championship was introduced. And since then, they became two sports instead of one. What Are the Differences? Now that we’ve looked at the history of the two sports let’s answer the big question. What are the differences between table tennis and Ping Pong? We will answer this question from different aspects. The Rules Mere looking at the two games, the settings, court, and all, they are very similar. While watching the two games might also look identical, the difference lies in their rules. In table tennis, for example, the rule states 2 that they should play the best of 11 points over seven games. On the contrary, the rule of ping pong states they play to 15 points best of 3 with a death point at 14. But in the semi-finals and the final, it’s best of 5 sets instead. More so, there is also the rule of the double-point ball. The rule grants serving players two extra points if won and 1 point to the receiving player. The Equipment The equipment used in these two sports is another major difference between them. For a start, the pin pong table, about 3.7 mm in diameter, is slightly larger than the table tennis court, which is only 3.4 mm. In table tennis, players use different paddles. In fact, with many types of rubber and blades to choose from, players can customize their paddles extensively. Every player has the freedom to decide on a suitable combination of rackets to fit their style. This comes in very handy for beginners. Conversely, in ping pong, all players must use the same paddle, with 5-ply sandpaper being the standard. These paddles only offer little spin, which prevents players from generating much power. This explains why the ping pong game has a relatively slower speed than table tennis. More so, ping pong rackets don’t have rubber on both sides. Instead, they have two laminated layers. Hence, how to hold a ping-pong paddle is a major training for ping-pongers. And more importantly, the ping pong paddles, especially for beginners, must be carefully selected. It makes a whole lot of difference. Competitions Ping pong and table tennis don’t participate in the same competitions, which makes another difference between the two games. Although there’s a world championship for both of them, table tennis is an Olympic sport while ping pong isn’t. Not only do they participate in different competitions, but they also have different governing bodies. Table tennis is governed by the International Table Tennis Federation 3 (ITTF) and Ping Pong by the World Championships Of Ping Pong. 4 Which Is Correct? The ping pong game is not as common as table tennis. Most people don’t even know they are different. Although they call it ping pong, you’d hardly see people play ping pong at an amateur level. What they play most times is table tennis. Conclusively, ping pong and table tennis are both fun and enjoyable sports you can enjoy in your home, especially with the elegant 6-ft Hathaway Reflex table tennis table or the Butterfly Junior Stationery Table. Both provide the best expansive playing surfaces with foldable designs to make them transportable. We do hope you now know that ping pong and table tennis are officially two different games. And that even from the size, you can easily differentiate a ping pong table from that of a table tennis table.

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